I have spent my professional life surrounded by artists: singers, musicians, actors, dancers, conductors, directors, designers, choreographers, milliners, costume-makers, wigs and make-up technicians… the list goes on. This outpouring of creativity can be both irresistible and damning: how do the rest of us identify and nurture our own creativity when there’s always someone doing it bigger, better and more magnificently?

My passion is for capturing the innate creativity that I see, not only in the glorious artists I spend my days with, but in all of us: administrators and managers, cooks and gardeners, crafts people and scientists, friends and family, strangers and passers-by.  Recognising the art not only in the perfectly turned musical phrase but also in the carefully brewed cup of dressing-room tea, the meticulous planning of a schedule and the fearless timing of a stage-management cue helps me to see that when we invest something of ourselves into our endeavours, we are all artists.

I take joy in drawing attention to every day beauty and the processes behind the ‘art’,  watching people at work and recognising that we all have the capacity for incredible creativity.


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